The Net Worth of Pastor and Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart is a world renowned American evangelist, pastor, Gospel singer musician, author, pianist and a television host. He inspired millions of people and moved crowds and crowds through his belief in faith. Know about the net worth of Jimmy Swaggart further down below.
Jimmy Swaggart is the name of a Pentecostal radio as well as TV evangelist. He had also recorded gospel albums that were all best sellers before his profession unraveled as a result of a scandal. To get more information on him check out a Jimmy Swaggart biography online.
Who is Jimmy Swaggart?
Jimmy Swaggart is known for being the television evangelist that he is. However, how many of you know about his life outside of the television channel? Jimmy Swaggart net worth  as of 2016 is $ 1.5 million. If you are wondering how he earned this much, you will find the answer to that just here.
Jimmy Swaggart was born in Ferriday. Louisiana on 15th March 1935. He was the son of local sharecroppers Willie Leon Swaggart and Minnie Belle Swaggart. Swaggart attended the local Assemblies of god Church which was a twenty five member assembly back then with his parents and sister. He met his wife, Francis Anderson at the age of 17 and they married. Jimmy Swaggart explains in his autobiography how he lived in poverty at the beginning of his career.
 Jimmy Swaggart along with his wife and son Donnie used to live with just $30 every week and live in the basement of churches, cheap motels and the homes of pastors as he would preach in the rural outskirts of Louisiana. Later on Jimmy Swaggart joined the local radio and his show would be on for 30 minutes where he would preach the faith, tell stories, and play Gospel music and folk. Later on, as he gained recognition through this radio channel, Jimmy Swaggart bought and sold radio stations throughout the 80s and 90s. His ministry also bought a radio channel and when he went on to national TV, they also bought the Son Life Broadcasting Network. The Ministries of Jimmy Swaggart aired his show 24 hours in multiple media outlet which contributed to his net worth greatly.
Other Means of Income
Jimmy Swaggart, apart from his radio and internationally recognized and popular TV channel also earned through other means. His album “Live from Nashville” won the 1976 Grammy Awards for the Best Gospel Album and many of his albums were nominated in other rimes as well. He published twenty books through his ministry including his autobiography. Jimmy Swaggart also established a college known as the Jimmy Swaggart School of Bible which is yet to be accredited.