Phoebe Cates: a multi-talented woman

Phoebe Cates have had a spectacular journey in Hollywood. A talented individual, Phoebe followed the path of her parents who had been actors once upon a time. Leaving ballet was one of the toughest decisions of her life. A born dancer and actress, she could not pursue dance after she met with an accident.

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Young Phoebe Cates

Born to parents Lily and Joseph Cates, young Phoebe had grown up in New York City. Belonging to a family of producers and insiders of Broadway, Phoebe got a picture of how this whole world of entertainment works. Her grandparents were of Jewish and Chinese origin. Her mother was born in Shanghai, China. From her school days, she wanted to be a dancer. Her interest in ballet became even more intense gradually. Winning scholarships and accolades in the field of dance she had planned to pursue dance as the only profession. But her accident at the age of ten had created a huge setback in her life.

The actress

After giving up modelling Phoebe Cates had taken up the profession of acting seriously. In one of her interviews, she had stated that she never liked modelling. For her, it was just another profession that she explored for the sake of earning some finance. Performing in some of the best movies like Paradise and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, she became quite popular. However, she does regret having taken up roles that were not suitable for her image.

Her fans got to see her playing modest roles in her later films. She tied her knot in the year 1989 with celebrity actor Kevin Kline. They have led a successful married life for 26 years. The veteran actress had not lost much of the charm. She is still carrying herself with dignity and charm. An actor, performer, model her journey has been splendid and worth mentioning.

How much is her net worth?

Phoebe Cates net worth is quite evident from the facts mentioned below. According to sources this amount is almost $15 million now. She became the cover picture of countless teen magazines like Tiger Beat and Seventeen. Phoebe had also been part of many mini TV series that had been quite popular among the viewers.

“Lace” is a miniseries aired on TV that Phoebe worked on. The Lace series was based on a story written by Shirley Conran. She played the role of Lilly. This was one of her experiments where she wanted to perform a different role compared to what she did in her movies. As an artist, she hated to be monotonous and therefore played a variety of roles that would entertain her fans each time she had a new project to work on. Click here to know more details about Phoebe Cates net worth.